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Why Bathe to Basics?


Natural ingredient is something that you should pay a little more attention to when it comes to your choice of personal products. There are countless amounts of harmful chemicals and materials (with ridiculous pronunciations) existing in our everyday life, BUT it is avoidable. In Bathe to Basics, we embrace natural ingredients and are determined to look after you with our best artisan products – with 100% natural ingredients of herbs, seeds, flowers, fruits and botanical essential oils.

Keep Your Body
Toxic Free

Did you know that our skin is so powerful that every small substance can easily be absorbed thoroughly, through each of our pores? In another words, synthetic chemicals, preservatives and artificial dyes that we often see on the back of many beauty/cleaning product labels, would in fact accumulate in our body and affect our health in the long run. To reduce the body burden of you and your family, our every product is free from harsh ingredients and are all SGS tested.

Ancient Wisdom
Modern Practice

The earliest soap making method dates back to Ancient Egypt time, in which animal fats and vegetable oils were combined with alkaline salts to create soaps. They were produced in the most traditional way known as the cold process method, where the temperature does not exceed above 40 Degree Celsius during making. With the advantage of cold process method, we are able to extract and maintain all of its valuable natural nutrients from each ingredient. Glycerin is a highly produced byproduct during the saponification process of soap making, and it is famously known for its moisturising properties in skincare products. Our one single soap contains up to 25% of glycerin in which to prevent further dryness to the skin.


Save the

Do you believe that using all-natural artisan soap can also save our planet?

A report by the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) revealed that synthetic chemicals from some consumer products and healthcare products that are washed down the drain are sneaking through the filters at water purification plants. The list includes phthalates, a family of some 120 chemicals linked to reproductive problems in men and wildlife, and parabens, a preservative with a suspected link to breast cancer.

Our product can be fully dissolved by bacteria and turns into water and CO2 (carbonate dioxide) in 24 hours after using it. So, it brings no residual chemical burdens or pollution to our planet.