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What's the difference between handmade soaps and commercially produced soaps?

Commercial soap is usually manufactured using synthetic detergents and chemicals that can strip away the skin’s protective oils. One of the most beneficial by-products of the soap making process is the production of glycerin, a humectant that draws moisture to the skin. Large amounts of glycerin is removed in the commercial production process and used to make other beauty products. Only a small quantity of glycerin remains in commercially produced soaps. Commercially produced soaps are made with artificial ingredients, chemicals and harsh detergents.

Handmade soap however, completely incorporates and retains all of this natural glycerin, a major benefit in handmade soap. Glycerin attracts moisture to your skin and each bar of handmade soap you use is thereby providing your skin with more moisturizing properties than commercial soap. Also, handmade soaps which are blended with nature’s own pure vegetable oils and butters, pure essential oils and organic botanicals. These ingredients are a healthier alternative for cleansing your precious skin. No artificial ingredients or chemicals are included in our 100% natural, handmade soap.

How do you make your artisian soap?

All soap is made with lye, also knows as sodium hydroxide. Lye is used as part of a chemical reaction that changes the ingredients into soap – a process called “saponification”. Without it, saponification wouldn’t be possible. However, once the lye is mixed with oils, soap is formed, thereby eliminating the lye completely.

Bathe to Basics uses a traditional cold-processed method, in which our process never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius to maintain the oil and butter nutrients, to make bar soap, we use a lye known as sodium hydroxide.  A different type of lye (potassium hydroxide) is used to make liquid soaps. We formulate our recipes so that all of the lye is chemically changed into soap plus a small amount of oils are left untransformed.  By doing this, we can guarantee that no lye is left in the final product. To further enrich the excellence of our handmade soaps, essence oils and natural ingredients including organic plants are added.

After the saponification, the  soap will create a large amount of glycerin which serves as an excellent base to help moisturize skin. Since we use the traditional method to make every soap, it is a time consuming process which takes upwards of 4-8week to let the soap set and mature.

Where are Bathe to Basics' soap made?

All of our soap are made in Hong Kong in a rural area called Tai Po, where we have a lot of trees, birds and sunshine.

Do you use animal products in your soap?

All of our soaps are “Vegetarian Friendly” meaning, they are made using only vegetable oils and butters such as Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea Butter.  We never use animal fats such as lard or tallow.  However, we do occasionally use Milk, Yogurt, Honey and cruelty free Silk Fibers.

Do you test on animals?

We NEVER test on animals. Our products are tested by us and our very willing family and friends.

Are your soaps "cruelty free"?

We do not use animal products that result in the death of that animal for the primary use in making our product. All our soaps are vegetable oil based

How long does a bar of soap last?

Most of our customers say a bar of our soap lasts them between 3-4 weeks. This is based on normal use. If you’re lathering up six different times because you’re enjoying the scent and experience, obviously a bar isn’t going to last that long! As the saying goes – your mileage may vary.

How can i extend the life of the soap?

To extend the life of your soap:
•Allow to dry completely between use
•Store on a well draining soap dish
•Avoid leaving soap in direct spray of water

•Never leave in standing water
•Try using a wash cloth or shower puff instead of rubbing soap directly on the skin

Is there an expiration date on the soaps?

No.  The soap itself will last decades and become almost better in it’s soap qualities with age.  It will become harder and longer lasting as more water evaporates out of the bar.  It will lather, cleanse, and moisturize beautifully after years of sitting around the back corner of a cabinet.  However, the colors and scents will be less potent as time goes on.

That is the nature of plant-based colorants and essential oils.  Especially when exposed to direct light, the soap colors (particularly plant-based colors) may fade over time.  Keeping them tucked away in a dry and dark cabinet or closet until use will help prevent this.  If the soap’s scent has faded from the surface (more common with citrus and mint than lavander or evergreen), use of the bar will once again unveil the more powerful aroma within.

Is your soap safe for pregnant women and babies?

We recommend that all pregnant and breastfeeding women and babies (under the age of 2) use fragrance-free products. Even soaps scented with natural essential oils can be unsafe. Essentials oils are medicinal just like herbal tea, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stay away from many of these. Although our fragrance-free products may have a light smell to them because of the vegetable oils we use, they DO NOT contain any added fragrance or essential oils whatsoever. Our fragrance-frees soaps are completely safe to use on anyone, including your precious newborn.

Please note our soaps are not tear-free, and will irritate the eyes. Please be sure to avoid getting soap in your or your child’s eyes.

Is a weak acid skin cleaning product better for us?

The only way to make weak acid skin cleaning product is to add synthetic chemical surfactants to mix the oil and aqua. Also, adding preservatives and fungicides to avoid bacteria and prolong the product’s expiry date. Does it sound better to you?

Our soap will remain between the pH in the range of 7-8 which is a weak alkaline and not harmful for your body, but strong enough to be able to bring you a new cleaning experience. After all, it’s good for the metabolism too.

I have sensitive skin. Is handmade soap safe to use?

Absolutely!  Most likely, you will be able to use our soaps because they are incredibly mild and gentle.  Most commercial soaps are detergent based, using lots of synthetic ingredients and fragrances that cause skin reactions.

If you have allergies to essential oil, try our Basic Cream Bar series, which are unscented soaps and content no essential oil at all.

I'm allergic to fragrance, do you have any soap for me?

If you’ve experienced problems with other products, we recommend that you start with our unscented Basic Cream Bar series and test yourself. Select the moisture level you need, and do a test. If you are pleased with our unscented soap, but really want to have a scented soap, then can try other soaps that with a natural essential oil. You’ll have to be the judge on what is best for you. However, be reminded that our Basic Cream Bar series will still have the natural smell of soap!

What makes Bathe to Basics so great?

Okay, this is the sales pitch part, but since you asked –

There are lots of things that make our soaps great.

We’ve been selling soap since 2011 through our website, mail order, farmers’ market, wholesale and at our own retail shop. We have hundreds of loyal customers.

We make these beautiful soaps by hand using traditional methods and ingredients, and each bar is cut and packaged by hand. The small differences between each bar and each batch is part of their hand made charm.

Bathe to Basics’ soaps are “Made in Hong Kong” using the highest quality standards. Our soaps do not contain artificial hardeners, preservatives or latherers. We do not use synthetic preservatives or colorant dyes, so the colors of our soaps reflect the ingredients used to create them. Nothing but the best for our soaps.

Our scents are strong and true to their name. We pride ourselves on scents that are made with essential oil  instead of fragrances which are artificial and would cause skin irritation.

Bathe to Basics have been designed to be mild and gentle enough for everyone to use, including people with allergies, sensitive skin and skin conditions. We have a special formulated Basic Cream Bar series which are unscented, specifically for people with sensitivity to essential oil or those who just don’t like scents.

We truly do make soap for Every Body.

So what are you still doing here, reading this stuff? Start looking at the soaps and try some of our soap!


How can I pay?

You can pay securely through the PayPal system with your credit card.

Why can't I add more items to my shopping bag?

You can add a maximum of ten different items per order.

How do I check the status of my order or track a shipment?

You can view your past orders in My Account, from the View Orders drop down on the righthand of the site. From there you will be able to view your order status: Open, Shipped, On Hold, Pending or Canceled. If something seems wrong, you can contact the us directly from Contact Us page.

How do I change or cancel my order?

We apologize that you can’t change or cancel your order once it has been placed.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

Our system will automatically send out an confirmation email to you once your payment has been accepted, it may take up to 5 -10 minutes to reach you. Do refresh and check with your inbox/Junk mail box regularly to confirm the arrival of your email. If it fails to do so,  please let us know with an e-mail (sales@www.bathetobasics.com), we will go the extra mile and confirm your order with you in no time!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in selling our products in your shop, please feel free to get in touch! Send us an e-mail at  sales@www.bathetobasics.com. Our sales team is always here to help!

Do you accept custom orders?

We do custom made soaps for different occasions too, please view  Simply Wedding for more details.


Where do you ship?

Besides shipping locally to Hong Kong, we ship our products to Macao S.A.R., Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom and United States. Not from these places? Dont worry, more countries will be available in the future. If you really really can’t wait, send us an message in Contact Us page!

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will be dispatched within the next 1-2 days. Once your order has been shipped, all our domestic orders (within Hong Kong area)  will take up to 2-3 business days to arrive, international orders will take up to two weeks.

Do you offer free shipping?

You can enjoy the free delivery service if your order is HK$300 (or above) and if you are shipping it locally in Hong Kong.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship our products by standard delivery. More delivery options will be available in the very near future.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

If your order is damaged, please e-mail sales@www.bathetobasics.com immediately. We’ll provide instructions. Please include your order number in your email. Thank you!